Eidulfitri Mubarak

I actually didn’t blog during the whole of Ramadhan. Today is the 12th of Syawal, almost 2 weeks lap into this month of celebrating. So I hope it’s not too late to wish to all my fellow Muslim readers – Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!!!! I seek forgiveness with most sincere, from the deepest of my heart, if my actions (especially in my writings and ranting) ever hurt you.

So from where shall I start my rant? LOL!!!!! I think my body clockwork still hasn’t adjusted back yet from Ramadhan mode. I am still at sleeping late, waking up very early, and survived 20 hours without forty winks. No good, no good … I better not prolong this. I think starting today, I will try my best to fall in by 10pm. Insya Allah.

My Sunday class reopens yesterday. Looking at the attendance of only 6 students (out of almost 20 ), it sure looks like most people are still in the Eid visiting mood. The ustaz actually jokingly asked the 6 of us, “Awak ni semua tak tau nak berjalan raya ke?” LOL!!!! However the du’a he made for us after asking that question, touched our hearts to the core. He sought Allah to ease the journey of 6 of us in seeking education, may the path of guidance always be widen for us, and overcome the battle of Duniawi –Β to attain Paradise. :`(

Such are the words of a good teacher. Ustaz Afdal ever took me during my KBD class around 2 years back. He completed his studies in 2010 – what wisdom he has attained albeit being a young teacher. Masya Allah! His main core of occupation is actually taking charge of the exhumation project of cemetery Pusara Aman to Pusara Abadi. So teaching is his extra, sideline occupation.

Anyway, yesterday we started the Sejarah Islam module (post Khulafa al Rasyidin) – Bani Umayyah. So the kick-off was obviously on Muawiyah Bin Abu Sufyan. It’s amazing how I find myself fascinated wit these excerpts of Islamic history, when many years back, I would dozed off with open-eyes on the very same topic. I think it comes off with age. Hehehe …

OK peeps! That’s all for my entry now! Gotta run for a meeting! Ta-ta!

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The clouds cried hard this morning

We’d attended a funeral this early morning. I couldn’t take the whole day off (due to the month end), but I managed to apply a half-day urgent time-off. We don’t know the demise personally. However, he is the dear FIL of my closest cousin. While we were about to perform the congregational solatul jenazah, the rain started to pour down heavily. As heavy as the tears of the demise’s family members and friends. Alhamdulillah, Allah ease the proceedings of the burial rites. Alhamdulillah.

Al Fateha to Allahyarham Haji Harun Bin Haji Abdullah. May your soul be placed among the people of Jannah, Amin.

Now, I’m back in the office, mentally prepared to work till late. Having some time now, thus the blog. I’ve actually wanted to share with my fellow readers on my last Sunday’s class lessons – on Nafs.

There are 3 types of NafsAmmara Bisu’ (the Nafs that urges evil), Lawwama (the Nafs that blames/regrets) and Mutma’inna (the Nafs at peace).

Ustz made all male students to share their own experience of Nafs Ammara Bisu’ example, while the female students of Nafs Lawwama. However beforehand Ustz kindly remind us, if its too revealing on aib, he said not to.

What turns out to be an educational sharing session, burst into myriads of emotions. Some of us actually tearful while sharing (me including) and also listening to others sharing.

The Day when man shall remember (all )that he strove for, and Hell-Fire shall be places in full view for (all) to see. Then, for such as had transgressed all bounds. And had preferred the life of this world, the Abode will be Hell-Fire. And for such as had entertained the fear of standing before their Lord’s (tribunal) and had restrained (their) soul from lower desires, their abode will be the Garden.

– Surah An-Naazi’aat: 35-41

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Life Lessons …..

….. from my 8yo.

(from my SIL’s FB timeline)

life lessons

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When I returned home 2 nights ago, I saw the new shoe cabinet was up. It’s up! It’s up! I love the smell of new furniture. And when I opened up the 2nd tier of the cabinet (specially dedicated for my shoes; the top and bottom tier goes to hubby and Amir respectively), I saw more than half of the space is still empty! New shoes! New shoes! Hubby was looking at me all that while, and he gave me THAT LOOK that seem to say – “You don’t have to say a thing. I know exactly what’s in your mind.” Tee hee! Guilty. Did I tell you that the current shoe cabinet contains mostly my shoes? Well, that’s the reason why we need the new shoe cabinet. *blushes*

And now, I cannot wait for the next installation – the extension of my bookshelves! Yes! New books! New books! Well, provided there will still be enough space after we arrange the lots of homeless/scattered/still-in-the-bags books. I hope!

Finally, to all my mumsies-readers, Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!

And lastly, to all my Muslim readers – Jamadilakhir is bidding us goodbye. Rejab is visiting us. Which means … Ramadhan is a month away. May Allah SWT let us meet and seek that month of baraqah, Amin.

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Khop khun kha! Ban co khoe khong?

Since last week I’ve been in “euphoria” w/my colleagues down in Thai & Viet branches. I think my email exchange w/them have surmount to hundreds. Its very, very, very challenging w/a capital C.

My colleague told me to spare the email space n my voice on trunk calls, y don’t I just fly off to them. Errrrr … No thank U. I need a vacation, not a work trip.

But seriously, what I need now is sleep. I’m deprived. To think of it, we don’t have vast time differences, but its giving me sleepless nights. I believe on the other side too, cos we still replied each other emails past midnite!

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P, S & D

The boy has been very busy practicing. 1st up, next week is his Poetry Recitation. He’s going to recite a poem by Sharon Adamson, Butterfly. I would like to put up a video of him reciting, but first … lemme figure out on how to rotate the video. Haha! It’s been almost a year I’ve been trying to figure out.

And in 4 weeks time, he will be involved in a drama and a monologue presentation, from his Speech & Drama class. I have to thank Cikgu N, for encouraging the initially-very-hesitant me, to enrol Amir in it. However I have to agree, just like what Amir’s former teacher and my mentor, ever told me – while working on to improve your child’s weaknesses, don’t forget to work on his strengths too.

In the drama, Amir will be playing a Tree, a talking and singing tree to be precise. LOL!!! And in the monologue, he will be playing a Datuk Kebayan (Wizard). The script was very hilarious that I almost rolled on the floor when he practised in front of me last night. Hahaha …

Talking about poetry earlier, you have to see the video below (shared by a fellow blogger pal). I’m not sure whether you can comprehend the poignancy of his poem. I think if you do, you will be tearing it up like me.

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Got this from my email since I’ve been subscribing to Masjid Assyafaah’s A Hadith A Day:


Ali r.a. narrated that the Prophet s.a.w said: Allah s.w.t. said: ” I am enrage to those who committed cruelty on someone who does not have anyone defending himself except myself.” (Tabrani)

Lessons from Hadith/Learning points:
1. Cruelty is a form of injustice; hated by Allah s.w.t. and all living beings with feelings.

2. Cruelty and injustice are the roots of all disasters, calamity and violence. Not only does the retributions of a cruelty is casted on the tyrants, but it also falls onto those who are ignorantof the cruelty and injustice that is happening.

3. Rasulullah s.a.w. did mentioned in a hadith that we should help tyrants and those who are victims of tyranny by preventing them from committing cruelty and injustice by all means.

I hope there are people who benefit from this sharing as much as it benefits me.

Last Sunday, so happened, was the start of Hadith module. I’m quite nervous but excited, because in 4 weeks time, there will be group presentations on topics in the module. That means we have 3 weeks to crunch on it with discussion, putting down discussion points either in powerpoint or video presentation. Can we do it? We have to agree it’s pretty challenging with working classmates from all walks of life – I have 1 secondary school teacher and 1 female prison officer in my team. All the differences, they are the awesome ladies/company I have and kind of look forward to on every Sunday. πŸ™‚ Insya Allah, we can do it! πŸ™‚

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